The Supermodel Recipe – 10 Key Ingredients

One of the most frequently asked questions I come across is, “Do you think I’ve got what it takes to succeed?”
The answer to this question can never be straightforward. From my experience, I would say it takes more than just one thing. There’s absolutely no shortcut to the top.

So, here are the 10 main ingredients or essentials that can make a supermodel:

1. Look/ Image


This accounts for about 50% of your success as a model.

You have to make the most of what you have: making sure your hair, skin and nails are healthy, keeping your body in shape and toned, and knowing how to wear your hair and make up.
When you look well-presented, you feel more confident and are able to leave a good 1st impression.


2. Confidence and Self Belief

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You might think that some people are just born confident while others are not. But, confidence is something that continuously needs to be worked upon and the easiest way to build it is through positive experiences.


3. Skills


If you can pose well, have a strong walk, be versatile – you’ll appear more professional. This can make people hire you and keep coming back to you rather than those who aren’t as resourceful. Professional models save up on a lot of time and thereby the client’s money!

To learn some of the most versatile modelling skills, just get in touch with us here.


4. Setting a Goal


When you know your aim, it is easier to take the necessary steps and achieve it.


5. Personality


Clients are more likely to go for a meek, pleasant, easy going personality. After all, modelling is a buyer’s market!


6. Standing Out


Your personality, sense of style can make you memorable so that you don’t go bland in the castings. You don’t want to slip out of the client’s memory.


7. Professionalism


Modelling is a very competitive industry. If you turn up late, unprepared, or worse still, don’t turn up for castings or jobs, your agent and clients will find you unreliable. Naturally then, they would choose to focus on the more dependable models.


8. Going that extra mile


Always do a bit more than what was asked for.

Research the brand that you are working for, come extra prepared, stay a bit longer at the shoot if needed. When you expand your skills beyond client expectations, they will be grateful. This could lead to more bookings!


9. Being polite and respectful


Modelling is a tight-knit industry. Remember to be kind, enthusiastic and positive. Before you even know it, someone would be recommending you and you’d have built a wide network for yourself!


10. Determination


We have all heard of stories about someone being scouted off the streets to success. But, we rarely hear of the entire struggle that went on before the SUCCESS happened.

It takes a lot of time, perseverance and commitment to be a supermodel. Do not give up when criticised or rejected. Always remember – the most successful people are the ones who were rejected the most.

Any questions? Just comment below!

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