About us

Style Academy is Sydney’s premiere performing arts and self development entity and we have been providing education in fashion modelling, acting, photography and make up disciplines since 1999. Through its relationship with Moda Management – leading Modelling and Acting agency, Style Academy has help launch successful careers of many models and actors over the years.

Style Academy offers students the opportunity to learn and experience vital life skills. Over 4000 students have had Style Academy experience, and we have worked with over 200 schools.

Programs offered are aimed at teenagers, and run outside of school hours (on weekends and in school holidays). Our training is predominantly focused on areas of modelling, acting, photography and make up artistry. However, there is also a great deal of attention placed on self development. Our Director, Anica Vuckovic Taione is a psychologist, and dealing with teenagers over the years, she has seen this to be of utmost importance to their well being, and success. While the academic studies are emphasised by regular schools, self development is usually ignored.

Moreover, our classes are offering another window of opportunity to our students, possible career options, and help them develop talent and new skills. Our programs are both recreational and educational in nature, and designed to keep the students active and interested, while being able to socialise with other students who have similar interests. This results in a positive, self esteem boosting experiences for teenagers, sense of achievement, and the experience helps shape they overall personality.

Our workshops also keep students busy doing something constructive in school holidays and on weekends, and away from destructive habits and behaviours. Research indicates that children who are kept busy through diverse absorbing activities are less prone to abuse, depression and burnout.

Workshops also offer benefit from positive relationships with teachers, who are successful industry experts, and they share their stories of how they built successful careers, and the struggles they had along the way. This makes it easier for students to see success as achievable, and that hard work and perseverance will help them achieve it.

Classes are also promoting positive self image, and health, nutrition and fitness, which poses a challenge in this era of computers, iPads, and social media.

We take a great pride in helping teenagers improve their self esteem, and in this crucial development stage of adolescence, help them figure out where they fit in world.

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Style Academy is Sydney’s premiere performing arts and self development entity providing education in fashion modelling, acting, photography and make up disciplines since 1998. Through its relationship with Moda Management – one of the leading modelling and acting agencies in Australia, Style Academy has helped launch many successful careers over the years.

What sets us apart?

  • Vast experience and expertise

  • Classes are run outside school hours – 6 days a week (Saturdays or during school holidays)

  • No more than 10 students per class so that each students gets individual attention

  • A one-on-one session with the career advisor for each student after the course

  • Just 3 minutes away from the Town Hall station at Pitt St

  • Practical courses with industry-specific training and work-experience

  • Our objective is to get our students ready for a flourishing career

  • Through our sister company, Moda Management and a fully-equipped in-house studio, we provide our Make Up artistry and hair styling students work experience post training

  • Our most promising modelling and acting students can also get agency representation along with several high-profile opportunities

  • Mini fashion shows and studio shoots for hands-on experience

  • Updated curriculum as per industry trends

  • Choreography certified courses

  • Experienced, industry-leading teachers: International Runway Models, Celebrity Fashion Photographers, Celebrity Make up Artists, Celebrity Personal Trainers and Nutritionists, Actors, and Model and Actor Managers

  • Our Modelling Course provides an insight into how the modelling and acting industries work, what is required from a model or an actor, and casting rehearsals to optimise your chance of success. It also teaches you to carry yourself with confidence, answer tough questions in castings and improve your people skills. Not just this, but the course will also help you work on your image, provide advice about skin care, nail care, hair, and make up specific to individual features. It also includes acting on Camera training and preparation for TV Commercial castings, nutrition and exercise advice, tips on being photogenic, posing, catwalk, being versatile and how to work with a professional photographer in a studio.

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