Photo shoots

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Whether you want to make it as an actor or model in Australia, you’ll need a great portfolio and headshots to send to agencies and to bring to auditions and casting calls.

Our range of services for new models and actors includes a professional photoshoot at our Sydney studio, so you can show agents and clients exactly what you’re capable of, giving you the best possible chance of landing the job.

The Style Academy photoshoot studio is also available for personal and family shoots to capture memories and milestones, or for any occasion. Our professional photographers can also travel to you, or shoot on location as required.

Fashion Shoots

Building a great portfolio is essential if you are to make it as a fashion model. While you’ll be attending castings in person, clients need to see how you can pose and how you appear on camera, in order to assess if you’re suitable for their needs.

When you’re just starting out as a model, you won’t have any prior jobs to use in your portfolio. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a fashion shoot, so you’ll have a selection of images that show your look and personality in front of the camera.

Fashion shoots aren’t just for models. Maybe you’re a budding clothing designer and want to get some great shots of your latest collection. Or perhaps you’re a fashion blogger, and you’re looking to up the quality of your images with a professional photoshoot. Whatever the reason, our Sydney photo studio can accommodate you.

Actor Shoots

Looks are just as important for actors as they are for models. When you’re responding to casting calls, you’ll need to send out headshots, as the first stage towards getting a job is looking the part.

Good headshots don’t just show your face. You can also show emotion and personality through your casting portfolio, and select specific shots to suit different roles.

Our professional photographers are skilled and experienced in actor shoots, and will direct and style you to get the shots that will catch the eye of the director or casting agent.

If you need an actor photoshoot in Sydney, so you have the best chance of getting auditions, get in touch with The Style Academy today.

Commercial Shoots

Commercial fashion photography is very different to the stylised and artistic photoshoots that many people imagine when they think of fashion modelling.

If you’re hoping to model for catalogues, you’ll need to demonstrate you can showcase clothing and fashion accessories effectively, and that you can work with a wide variety of poses and expressions.

Our commercial shoots will help you to look your best, and get a fantastic collection of images you can use to get into the fashion industry.

Commercial shoots are not just for models. If you’re looking to sell your clothing collection, or any kind of product that your business produces, a commercial shoot can help to show off your products in their best light. High-quality photography is critical for success in retail, and we can help you to build a collection of images for advertising, press releases, marketing, and your own website and promotional materials.

Family Shoots

Professional family photography is a way to capture a moment in time, and is a true investment for your family that you’re sure to treasure for years to come.

Our skilled photographers will work with you and your family members of all ages to put together a series of family portraits with professional styling and lighting that you’ll want to frame and display proudly in your home.

You can visit our studio in Sydney if you want to take full advantage of our professional lighting and styling setup. However if you’d rather capture more candid snaps of your family at home, or in a location special to you, our photographers can come to you.

Book a free consultation to find out more about all of our photoshoot services and to plan a shoot that’s tailored to your personal needs.