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Tips to contour like a pro and most importantly, what is contouring!

Face contouring means using make up on certain parts of the face and enhancing the facial structure. This trend is fast catching on. But, you don’t need to be a make up pro to get it right. Just read on for some easy tips to get that perfectly contoured, sharp look:

  1. Choose the right foundation


Remember skin colours are varied. Select a shade of foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. This becomes the base before you start contouring and needs to cover your face completely and evenly. Make sure your face is clean and devoid of any make up before you put on the base foundation. If you are not able to figure out the right colour for the base foundation, match its colour to that of your neck.

2. Foundation for contouring

Now select another foundation that’s no more than 2 shades lighter than your base foundation. This is the one that will help highlight specific areas of your face. For areas of your face that you don’t wish to focus any attention upon, use a darker foundation.

3. The right spots to contour

Apply a neat stroke of the light foundation at the centre of your forehead, over the centre of eyebrows, along the nose, cheekbones, along the line that runs from the nose tip to the upper lip and centre of the chin. Use a clean foundation brush to do this. These spots are usually the ones that get focused upon by lights. You want these to look as sharp and well-defined as possible.

Next, apply the darker foundation across the hairline, temples, either side of the ridge of your nose, cheekbones and along the jaw line (from the tip of one ear to that of another).

4. Go, blend!


Use a healthy bristled brush to blend the foundations (or even your fingers but make sure the moisture from your fingers does not smudge anything). Make sure there are no apparent divisions or lines because these can stand out under bright or even soft lights.

Voila! There you have a perfectly contoured look with the right features highlighted just right. Remember the golden rule of contouring – it has to be subtle! To add some colour, use a soft blush or even a sparkly highlighter for those shimmery girls’ night outs.








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