Do I have to look like a model to become one?
In a word, no, though so-called ‘supermodels’ may share a certain look or body-type, the truth is there are thousands of highly successful models of all shapes and sizes around the world. That’s because the modelling field offers a surprisingly wide range of full and part-time career options. In short, there is more to modelling – and the modelling business – than you’ll see in top fashion magazines. Many of the skills that are taught in our modelling programme are beneficial to the development of successful life skills.
If I am interested in modelling and acting, what should I do?
Most people who come to us are not sure if they are interested in pursuing modelling or acting. They want to learn and experience both fields and decide which suits them best. The Style Academy Australia programmes help you determine which field best suits your needs and personality, while teaching you the skills of both.
What makes Style Academy Australia Modelling and Self Development programmes different from other schools?
Not only do we offer the courses you want and need most, but we also offer the experience and expertise to make them meaningful. We’ve developed the most ambitious and comprehensive professional modelling, acting and personal image development programmes that cannot be found elsewhere. We’re proud to give our students the benefit of our 20 years of experience in modelling, beauty and personal image building. Our teachers are active in the industry and are able to incorporate the latest trends and techniques in the classes.
Do you accept everyone?
The answer is no. All prospects must meet certain requirements; including a personal interview to determine if they possess the qualities that Style Academy Australia is seeking, and to determine if they can benefit from the Style Academy modules. A prospect must display a determination to learn the skills of their chosen field and the dedication to pursue those skills.
Why would I want to attend Style Academy Australia if I don't want to become a model or actor?
Style Academy is very conscious of the challenges facing today’s youth as they seek to develop an optimum self image and refine their personal style. In short, to become the person they want to be. In fact, many people take our personal image development courses simply because they’re looking to change their style and enhance their self-image. Our programmes are designed to assist students in achieving their personal best. We provide the tools to help them build the self-esteem that will be of lifelong benefit in any career they choose.
Who are your students?
People just like you. Our students represent both women and men, from young teens to adults. Many of our students train for modelling and acting careers, while others take our courses to improve their self-image, gain self-confidence, to succeed at school, to prepare for a career or to enhance their performance within their chosen careers. Some of our students are attending school, while others have already entered the workforce.
What is the time commitment?
Generally, programmes meet once a week for 3 to 6 hours per day, depending on the day of the week. Weekend classes generally meet for one or two sessions, each lasting three hours depending on your availability. If you are a teenager under the age of 18 it will be necessary for a parent or guardian to attend the initial interview with you.