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Our certificate and diploma courses are highly practical, and designed to give you the best chance of success in your chosen career in the fashion industry.

We’re one of the only modelling schools in Sydney that partners with an agency – Moda Management – so you have a great choice of getting signed as a model or actor as soon as you’ve completed your course. You’ll also have the opportunity to build your portfolio and get more experience working as a fashion photographer, make up artist, or hair stylist.

Modelling & Deportment – Fashion Modelling Course

Our modelling classes for beginners will take you through everything you need to know to launch a successful career as a fashion model, from catwalk walks and poses, through to building a photographic portfolio to deliver to castings and agents.

It’s true; not everyone can make it as a model. But we know from experience that successful modelling is more about confidence and deportment than it is about your physical appearance.

Our program not only covers practical modelling skills, but also has a significant focus on self-development including building a positive self-image, improving nutrition, fitness, and overall health, and developing positive relationships with others.

We also delve into the business side of modelling such as working with an agency, developing interview technique for castings, and learning what is required of a model apart from the right “look.”

Six components that we cover are:

  • Modelling Industry Overview & Casting Preparation
  • Hair & Make up
  • Acting for TV Commercials
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Posing for Photographs
  • Runaway

Acting for Screen, Television, and Film

Our acting course takes a deep-dive into the skills required to act for television or film, including the business side of being successful in the industry as well as improving your acting skills.

This course is taught by professional actors and other industry experts, so you’ll benefit from real-world experience, and get an insight into what it’s really like working in the TV and film industry.

We’ll help to prepare you for acting on camera and attending commercial auditions, boost your confidence, and improve your people skills.

Many of our students are interested in both modelling and acting, and aren’t sure which career they want to pursue. If this is also the case for you, our programmes teach you the skills that are required for both areas, and help you to choose a path to follow that best suits your strengths and interests.

Make up and Hair Styling

Our make up and hair styling course is ideal for those who have a strong interest in fashion and beauty, and would prefer to work in the fashion industry, rather than directly with clients in a salon.

The course is taught by industry-professional make up artists and hair stylists, so you can learn the latest techniques from the catwalk and the pages of fashion magazines.

We cover everything you need to know to get models and actors photo, film, or catwalk ready. You’ll learn the basics of colour matching and application, along with advanced techniques including contouring, and tailoring make up to individual features.

As well as practical skills, we’ll go into the business side of things to help you market and brand yourself as a make up artist in the fashion industry. You’ll also be given the opportunity to undergo work experience after your course with our sister company, Moda Management.

Fashion Photography

Skilled fashion photographers are always in demand for everything from commercial shoots for catalogues to artistic work for advertisements and magazine editorials.

Our industry-focused course is taught by successful professional fashion photographers, and will teach you how to setup your camera and lighting, how to work with models, and technical editing techniques, as well as helping you to develop your creativity and personal style.

This is not a theory-based course – you’ll actually be photographing professional fashion models and building your portfolio as you go. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on professional shoots thanks to our strong industry contacts.

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