Our mission is to provide knowledgeable, evidence-based, compassionate, and effective counselling. Approaches applied are the Cognitive Behavioural approach, Psychodynamic approach, Mindfulness Acceptance approach, Solution-focused therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. We have experience dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, mood disorders, interpersonal conflicts, life stressors, change of life transitions, eating disorders, addiction, or lack of connection. By talking with our clients through their problems or concerns, we can help them to see solutions they did not know were there and find ways to cope better and move on in life.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY – focuses on changing counterproductive behaviour and thought patterns, improving mood, confidence, energising the clients by finding the intrinsic motivation through recognising their true passions and strengths, finding purpose, and overall well-being.

ADOLESCENT COUNSELLING – focuses on developmental issues and provides a safe place for clients to work through them and experience personal growth. We are experts at building relationships with teens in which we can trust and open up, while at the same time, we understand parents’ fears and worries.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we now offer ONLINE COUNSELLING.